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7 Interesting Facts About Eyelid Surgery You Should Know For The Charm Of Your Eyes

Eyes, the most attractive feature of our face, can become dull and tired as we age and of course we don’t want to lose their charm. One of the commonest reasons for eyes looking tired as we age is droopy eyelids.

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a great relief to those who are suffering from droopy eyelids. If you are unsure about whether to undergo this surgery or not for your droopy eyelids, consult with Dr Naveen and read the following interesting facts about blepharoplasty and you will get an encouragement.

1. 6 Common Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

According to studies, there are 6 common reasons for which people get eyelid surgery done:

  1. Surplus skin concealing the natural fold of the upper eyelids
  2. Impaired vision due to loose skin sagging from upper eyelids
  3. Bulbous eyelids that make the eyes look tired and aged
  4. Surplus skin and fine lines on lower eyelids
  5. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, usually with a depression along the bony edge of the lower eyelids
  6. Droopy lower eyelids with the white below the iris showing out

2. Other Procedures may Accompany

While eyelid surgery is performed as a solo surgery, it is usually combined with another procedure like brow lift, facelift, facial fat transfer, chemical skin resurfacing etc.

When you will discuss your goals with your surgeon in your first consultation, your surgeon may recommend you other procedures to help you achieve your goal.

3. Upper and Lower Surgery at the Same Time

Most of the people undergoing eyelid surgery prefer to undergo upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time.

4. Low Risk

While all surgeries carry a risk to at least some extent, complications rarely take place in eyelid surgeries and if at all they occur, they are minor. They include:

  • Disappointing results that may require repeated or additional procedures
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Changes in sensation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Hematoma or seroma (accumulation of fluid or blood under the skin that needs to be removed)
  • Adverse reaction to anaesthesia

These risks can be minimised by selecting a good surgeon and following his instructions carefully before as well as after surgery.

5. Results Last Forever

If you are worried about how long the fantastic results of your eyelid surgery will last, the good news for you is that they will last forever! Usually, removal of hooding upper eyelid skin and eye bags has to be done only once.

As aging progresses, your brow may start descending, making excess skin to return on your upper eyelids. But in that case you can undergo a brow lift, and not a second eyelid surgery. In most patients, only fillers or Botox is sufficient to maintain the results of their blepharoplasty.


6. Short Recovery Period

With an eyelid surgery, your downtime is very short. Most patients can return to work within a week and become fully active after just 10 days. Even most patients feel considerably well right after the surgery and experience minimal pain which is reduced with a mild narcotic.

In some cases, there may be bruising but it is usually minor and can be hidden under makeup.

7. Be Prepared for the Best Results

Dr Naveen Somia offers eyelid surgery Sydney and says that he advises his patients to make sure to have a good ophthalmologic checkup before the procedure to ensure that their eyes are perfectly healthy. And he also request that their internist ensures that their general health is also the best.

Other preparations include quitting smoking many weeks before surgery, maintaining good hydration before the day of surgery and arranging post-operative transportation back home.

These facts certainly have created an interest in you about the eyelid surgery. So, go ahead and get it, for the charm of your eyes!