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5 Reasons Why Kovaipudur Attracts Real Estate Investors

Kovaipudur may not be as cosmopolitan or highly urbanized as the city of Coimbatore, but that is actually what makes it an ideal place where you can live comfortably or spend a peaceful holiday. Kovaipudur attracts real estate investors from around the world with its great selection of high-quality villas and gated communities, while ensuring easy access to the city center, major attractions, and transportation hubs in the area. Here are reasons why there is an increase in demand for real estate in Kovaipudur:


Good location – Kovaipudur is situated at the southwest part of the city of Coimbatore, adjacent to the Madukkarai range’s Western Ghats and the Walayar ranges. The area is particularly known for its cooler climate and windy weather. In fact, the temperature there is much lower than in the city. Its tranquil environment and chilly climate has earned it the nickname, ‘Little Ooty’. From there, it is easy to reach the railway station in a 15-minute drive, or you can drive to Coimbatore Airport or Gandhipuram in 30 minutes. It is possible to reach Ukkadam in 10 minutes.

It is continuously being developed while maintaining its unique characteristics – Reputable real estate developers continue to make Kovaipudur more conducive for living, retiring, or raising a family, while making sure that they are preserving the environment. Many of the houses are environmentally friendly with features like a solar-powered heater.

Secure and better living conditions – The gated communities are secure and guaranteed to have continuous access to electricity and clean water. They have their own shop facilities and playgrounds for children, too. Kovaipudur is well-connected to the city center via a number of regular and mini buses, too, and close to many schools, hospitals, and offices.


Custom made villas just for you – You are provided with many different types of plans and facilities to craft your own dream home. You can pick the type of paint, electrical provisions, flooring, and other aspects that can make your home truly made according to your own personal preference and lifestyle.

Helpful real estate developers, builders, and land promoters – Seasoned real estate specialists in Kovaipudur offer special assistance to non-Indian buyers from the time of your first contact up until you have moved into your new home. They keep you involved in the entire construction of your home and assist you in acquiring government permits and completing legal papers for your property.