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Why 2018 Wrangler Jeep Is the Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

Well, some drivers may sneer at this title, and there is no need judging them. They probably are acting on their experience with the Wrangler JL, (which is still a robust off-road machine). However, the new Wrangler JL is the best off-road vehicle so far. Let us take a look to prove this point.

However, first things first,

Jeep is not in the business of releasing new models every year. It has only produced three models since it first hit the roads over seven decades ago. The outgoing Wrangler JL has been in the forefront of leading off-road SUVs for the past ten years.

Therefore, the vehicle taking its place must be way over the top. Guess which one is that, you are right! The 2018 Wrangler JL! Now here are reasons why this is the car to ask on next time you visit a 2018 Jeep Dealer Baltimore.

Aerodynamics design

It is a Wrangler, so it still has the solid built inherited from its World War II parents’ DNA. It takes a little piece from some of the preceding models. It has a flat hood that brings to mind the CJ models that graced the roads for nearly half a century from the 1940s up to the late 80s. Its aerodynamic grill also takes after that of the model that came after the CJ, the YJ.

However, it is not an entire relic of borrowed parts. It has new windshield design that significantly improves its aerodynamics and MPG ratings. The windshield is sloppier than ever before.


The Wrangle delivers a quieter ride than its predecessor, the JK. It is due to its steeper windshield and electric assisted hydraulic power steering. It is also lighter than the JK because of its aluminium doors and hood that make it weigh 200 pounds less. This is good news as the lesser the weight, the easier it is to drive and the faster it can go with the same engine.

The jeep comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine borrowed from Alpha Romeo. The engine incorporates a mild hybrid stop-start system of 48V. The system improves low-end torque adding a mile or two to the fuel economy. Grapevine has it that a turbocharged diesel engine is in the offing for 2019 releases.


Many new things make the new Jeep an ultimate off-road machine that there is no luxury of space to explore. They include new dampers on each of the four coil springs to soak spine-breaking impacts. Pay a 2018 Jeep dealer Baltimore a visit to have a feel of all these features. Be warned that you may find the front seats a little cramped. However, there is a lot of legroom in the rear seats.